About Drupal Ireland

Drupal Ireland is the official association for the Drupal community in Ireland. Its members include Drupal developers, Drupal front-end designers, Drupal site managers and mainteners and Drupal enthusiasts. Our objectives are many and include encouraging the use of Drupal in Ireland, to grow the profile of the Irish Drupal community both at home and abroad, and to strengthen the community of Drupal service providers in Ireland.

If you are interested in adopting Drupal as your Content Management Platform for your website or for your application, this site will provide you with an overview of Drupal and its capabilities and our Directory of Drupal Services Providers in Ireland lists the people who may wish to contact.

Membership is free. Please make sure to join www.drupal.org and become a member of Drupal Group Ireland.

Drupal Ireland Committee 2017 - 2018

Need to find a Drupal developer in Ireland?

Please view our Directory of Drupal Service Providers